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-UMO Jazz Orchestra presents: UMO- Helsinki- Cotonou @ World Village Festival on 24th of March! Read More.. 

-New Shows added to the Calendar! 


-Fire, Sweat & Pastis got the Album of the Year –award

Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble’s 2nd album ”Fire, Sweat & Pastis” was released in Finland on November 7th 2014. International releases will follow in April 2015. The reviews of the new record have been highly acclaiming in Finland, and on 9th of January the album was acknowledged the Album of The Year by the Finnish Folk Music Federation. The selection was done 50% by open vote and 50% by a panel of professionals. We feel very honored for getting this recognition, since we were up against some really bad ass- and highly established acts such as Frigg, Sväng, Maria Kalaniemi, Sakari Kukko and Sibis Folk Big Band. Thanks for everyone who voted for us!


 In January 2012 three guys from Finland travelled to Benin, West Africa.They put together a band and made a record. In summer 2013 the record was released and Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble made a tour of 19 shows in Finland.

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