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"Weather Report meets Fela Kuti".
- Rick Sanders, fRoots


“The Finnish-Benines collaboration combines vivid Modern Jazz, Funky Beats and edgy Afrobeat in an innovating manner. Behind everything one can hear the magnificent Benines rhythms of Voodoo. If this doesn’t move the listener, then what does!“
- Mari Koppinen, Helsingin Sanomat, Finland
"Och det svänger! --- Verktygslådan är rätt omfattande, eftersom man förutom funk och jazz emellanåt slänger över till starkare afrikanska tongångar. De klockklara trumpersolona i Anadjomido? får mig att tänka tillbaka på Blood, Sweat & Tears."
- Tove Djupsjöbacka, Hufvudstadsbladet
"The Helsinki-Cotonou Ensemble impresses not only with intense moods and joyful, virtuosic performances, but also with fresh and carefully crafted songwriting."
- Sunfest, Canada, July 2016
"The sound is new. It hasn't been commercialized or simplified. It's a little difficult to grasp, but on the other hand you realize that there's something very specific going on there."
- Gear Patrol Magazine, USA


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